D1 Pressure Switch Features



A. More Reliable Operation - New diaphragm design eliminates leakage resulting in reliable on and off points over the life of the switch.
B. Greater Water Protection - Improved sealing of both the diaphragm and cord entry helps prevent water entering switch housing.
C. Added Corrosion Prevention - Desiccant pack inside the switch housing stops false pump activation by absorbing any trace of moisture in switch housing.
D. Maximum Durability - Stronger & thicker housing material is more robust and resistant to abuse.
E. Closed End Insert - Prevents bracket screw from penetrating the switch housing and completely prevents failure due to the bracket screw penetrating the switch housing.  Quality Assurance From Start To Finish


  In an effort to provide our customers with the most reliable switch operation, extensive lab, agency, and field testing was employed at all phases of development to make the best switch possible. Each switch is also checked and tested for on/off points, seals, and vent tube before being leaving our facility, your guarantee of quality and performance.