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Model SD8L

8" Discharge Submersible Solids Handling Dry Pit Enclosed Impeller

Key Features
  • Oil Filled Motors - Cooler operating than air filled motors and continuous lubrication of the bearings for longer life
  • Cooling Fins or Water Jacket is Optional
  • Slip Fit Stators - For easy of service
  • Seal Cord Entrance - Triple seal protection, prevents moisture entry for longer life.
  • Available configurations, rails and accessories:
    • Rail Systems Available
    • Controls and Accessories Available


Owner's Manual: Dry Pit Models SD4B, SD4L, SD4LRC, SD4K, SD4B, SD4M, SD4P, HD4Q, SD4T, SD6A, SD6L, SD8L, SD8LA, SD12L, SD4X4X9A, SD4X4X9B