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The proper method of registration is detailed within the program itself as well as below for your convenience.

How Do I Register the Software?

You will need to obtain a 10-digit unlock code to enter into the program's online registration screen.  We have specific arrangements targeted to expedite this process.  Please do  not  call the factory directly - they are not positioned to assist in this process.

To obtain an unlock code:

  1. Click on the "How To Register" button that appears on the program's online registration screen and follow the online instructions
  2. Follow the instuctions and print out the Registration Form
  3. Fill out the Registration Form
  4. Fax the completed Registration Form to: (888) 572-8093  (US registrants only)  or  (360) 412-0672  (International registrants).

After obtaining a 10-digit unlock code, enter the number in the program's online registration screen in the area titled "Enter Unlock Code:" then click on the "Unlock Now" button.Please note that the Fax line numbers belong to Engineered Software, who handles the registration process for the Pentair Pump Group.  If you should encounter any problem with the registration process please call the Engineered Software technical support line at (360) 412-0702.

When Do I Register the Software?

This software will run unregistered for 10 days which allows you time to determine its suitability for your purposes.  Before the 10 day trial has expired you should register the software to insure continued operation.  To use the software in "unregistered mode", simply click the "Run Without Unlocking" button on the program's online registration screen.

Which PCs Need Registration?

First, you should know that you need not have a separate copy of the media (the CD) for each PC you'll be installing the software.  You may use a single CD to install H2Optimize on as many PCs (in your office and other offices, customers, associates, etc.) as you like.  Each installation of the software, however, will require an independant license registration.  Network executable images (programs) are not supported in this release.

Is There a Cost to Register the Software?

No.  All software registration costs are provided free of charge by the Pentair Pump Group.

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